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Teme Valley Brewery

Friday 28th September, Red Lion pub.

Come along and learn about `This, That and T`other` of brewing ales.

Brewery manager Mr Chris Gooch, gave a interesting and informative talk on the history of the brewery, brewing and the four different ales he brought along . He also had a questions and answers session.

A thank you to Chris for a great talk and donating prizes, Richard for allowing us to use his beer garden, donating prizes and his help in showing me `the ropes`and a thank you to everyone who supported us.

I was selling what was left of the beer on Saturday, but unfortunately I had about 50 pints left that was not sold, but we were in profit and it was good fun being the other side of the counter for a change !

With the raffle we made £415.08

Brett Laniosh of CAMRA, Chris Gooch, Teme Valley manager and yours truely.

We would like to thank Richard for donating the bubbley and Chris for donating bottles of real ale and a meal for two plus a bottle of wine at the Talbot.

Richard of the Red lion.

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What is Real Ale ?

Real ale is a type of beer defined by its traditional production.

Also known as "cask conditioned" beer; the fundamental distinction between real and other ales is that the yeast is still present in the container from which the beer is served, although it will have settled to the bottom and is not poured into the glass.

Because the yeast is still alive, the process of fermentation continues in the cask or bottle on the way to the consumer ensuring a fresh and natural taste.

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