All the money raised by JAYs goes to helping people who suffer with M.S.

Half we give to research and the rest towards helping local people with M.S.


Raising funds for multiple Sclerosis 

supported by

Registered Charity 1139257/SC041990

From the end of 2010 to the day we started


Unfortunatley the weather beat us, it was not worth struggling to get to Cofton to do the tombola, as it turned out everyone else thought the same.




If you have any unwanted Chrissy presents left over or not wanted and are suitable for our tombola, can we have them please.

Better to be put to good use than left in the bottom of a draw.




Popped into the Wine cabin ( thurs 6th ) on the Birmingham rd and collected £25.12 from the shaker, thanks to everyone who donated.


We now have a cheque to hand over to the M.S.Society. Thanks to everyone for their support.

We asked the Hairy Bikers to accept the cheque on behalf of the Society. The Bikers were up for it, but with the Bikers heavy schedual we were unable to get together for one reason or another. We then asked the Society if they could find out if JLS could be available for ten minutes just to take the picture but they thought they maybe too busy.

Keep watching this space , we`ll get someone.


Bromsgroves day of kindness.

kindness day

Pics in past events.


Sold for £10.50, hoping for more but there you go.

warwickshire 2007 squad signed cricket bat on ebay.

cricket bat



Just recieved this cheque for £20.89 from our Yahoo search engine at the top left of our web-page. So it`s worth using, money for old rope as they say.

So please use our search engine to accumilate more money, free of charge to you, for M.S.



Lee ran the Great North Run on Sunday 19th Sept in support of M.S. His time was one hour and 46 minutes with no injurys. Lee is stilll collecting the money.

Lee collected £200 for M.S. well done.


I organised a `World cup sweep` at work. £3 a go ~ £30 for the winners, £12 for second place and £6 for third place. Just for fun with no profits going to anyone.

Well, would you believe it, but my mate Kevin had Germany & Spain in the draw and he has kindly donated half of his prize money to JAYs.( the rest has gone to paying his lotto fees that I run, lets hope that he wins that as well !)

Kevins Mom has M.S and so does his Mother-in-law, so he has a connection with M.S but even so, it was a nice jesture.

A big thank you to Kevin for his kind donation.


We really enjoyed Bromsgrove carnival, with a great atmosphere and some beautiful weather.

We raised £424.38 have a look at the pics in past events




Had a interesting talk by Roz a `Dog listener` . Details in past events.


We had a nice surprise today. A group calling themselves The Monday Fellowship came for a tour around Cofton nursery. They enjoyed the talk and tour around the nursery and wanted to leave a donation.

The manager refused, saying he was please to give to tour and hoped everyone enjoyed it, after they insisted, he said if the wanted to make a donation then they could donate to our charity.

So thank you very much everyone from the Fellowship for the £25 donation.


I`ve been listening to Marlo Donato palmelee music on myspace and I`m really enjoying the music.

Listen here


Paid for the liabillity insurance today, cost us £150 for the year and up to 15 events.

Unfortunately you have to have it these days. The Court Leet who organise the Elizabethan market insist you have it and have to show the certificate as proof.


Marlo Donato Parmelee account of living with M.S

Click on the picture.



Sad to say but the D.D.S.S club has called in the recievers. We have had many a great night there rising funds for M.S and before that, with the B.R.S.S.

We would like to say a big thank-you to Clive for allowing Jays the use of the club and all his help and generosity.



You can recycle your old Phones and ink cartridges at a company called eachone counts and they will give the M.S. Society £3 for your phone and £1 for any old ink cartridge. log on to their web-site for a free postage bag and details.


Fashion show cheque

ms fashion

We would like to thank Ann and everyone involved with the show for their help in raising a fantastic £1,300 for M.S


Brandon helping the cause


We had a phone call from a lady called Cheryl saying that her son Brandan was organising a cake sale at his school, Lickey Hills and he would like to donate the money to Jays & M.S.

Brandan wanted to raise funds for M.S because sadly his grandmother passed away aged 53, a couple of years ago after suffering with progressive M.S.

So he asked the schools permission, organised his friends, Ryan, James, Ben & Brandon into baking cakes to sell and helping to sell them.

They held the sale over two days and I think they wanted it to last even longer because they enjoyed it so much. One lad even made a 126 cakes to sell.

The school was very generous and very hungry because Brandan and his friend raised a staggering £58.30

Well done Brandan and his mates, a big thank you from Jackie, Tony & Yvonne.


Fashion & Hair show


A interesting night of and fashion. Thanks to everyone invovled.

We will find out at the end of the week how much was raised for JAYs.

I`ve put some photos of the event in past events.



Recieving the cheque from Diane Carr & Chairman Judith Jagger

We had a lovely surprise when Diane Carr, councillor for Barnt green, put JAYs forward to be one of the charities at this years Barnt Green festival. We were pleased to be accepted and on Monday 27th July we recieved a cheque for a fantastic amount of £1,000.

Unfortunately we were committed to the Duck race at Sanders park so we could not help out, maybe next time.

We would like to thank Diane for putting our name forward, the Barnt green parish council and everyone at the festival for raising this fantastic amount for M.S

Barnt Green parish web-site


The winning number for the duck race is 178.

duck race winner

It was won by mr Ian Wheeler, who kindley donated the winnings to JAYs

duck race ian duck race

Mr Wheeler collecting his winnings and then giving them back to Jackie.



Pictures in the past events for the Elizabethan market.


cake break

We made £36.40 at work and the lickey hills cafe made £53.39 so thats a grand total of £89.79

A big thank you to everyone who brought a cake or donated towards the cause. Also the girls for baking the cakes and the lickey staff for doing a grand job of selling the cakes.


Caylie, Claire & Steward ready for the cake break at the Lickey Hills Cafe


Carol and her lovely Lemon drizzle cake, that wont be lasting long.



Got our first cheque from Buy@ today for £27.07 and all for nothing really. All you have to do is click the buy@ logo just to the right and a percentage of whatever you spend goes to J.A.Y.s. what could be simpler?


Well done girls.

Well done to the girls for raising a fantastic £1,260.64


Well the girls bravely did the parachute jump in perfect conditions and throughly enjoyed the experience, even wanting to go again straight after!!



A bit of interesting news.

Disabled parking bays set to become legally enforceable.


Jackie Baillie's bill to impose fines on anyone parking incorrectly in a disabled bay was set to become law after it was passed by Parliament yesterday(26 February). This means that anyone caught abusing a disabled persons' parking bay will be fined £30, rising to £60 if not paid in 14 days.


Here`s our first cheque from Whitebox for all the searches we`ve made through our Yahoo search box. £46.99.Please use it as much as possible





£10,000 presented to Suzanne Virdee

We handed over a cheque for £10,000 to local BBC newsreader Suzanne Virdee, who recieved the cheque on behalf of the M.S Society. Thanks Suzanne for coming along. Also a big thank you to everyone who has supported us in one way or another to get to this fantastic amount, without your support this would not have been possible.


Look whos been in `pick me up `

They have done a feature on our curry night fund raiser.

pick me up 1


Yoga for M.S


Check out this site for people with M.S to learn about yoga, it`s taught by Sue Lee.

Purchase a DVD, mention J.A.Y.S and Sue will then donate 50p to us for each one sold.

I have also put a link in our link page.


Winter Warmers

Warm front provides grants for insulation and heating improvements to householders in England who are in receipt of certain benifits, including Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Grants are given up to £2,700 ( £4,000 if oil-fired central heating is involved.

To find out if you qualify for a grant call: 0800 072 9006 or visit




· An estimated 2,500,000 people in the world have multiple sclerosis - including 85,000 in the UK - it is more common in countries further away from the equator

· MS is the most common potentially disabling disease of the central nervous system affecting young adults in the Western world

· Every week around 50 people in the UK are diagnosed with MS

· Diagnosis is usually between 20 and 40 years of age - rarely under 12 or over 55

· Three women have MS for every two men

· Prognosis is uncertain - ranging from benign through 'coming and going' to severely disabling

· Common symptoms include pain, deadening fatigue, problems with sight, mobility and co-ordination

· MS is not hereditary - but there is a slightly higher chance of getting it if a relative has it - and it is not contagious

· There is no cure for MS but there are now drugs which can modify its course for some people and many symptoms can be successfully treated or managed

· MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is giving neurologists better understanding of MS, helping diagnosis and research into treatments


According to the Aprils editition of the Readers Digest

Caucasians with the highest levels of vitamin D in their blood are 62% less likely to develop MS than those with the lowest amounts.

That was taken from - Harvard school of public health

Want to know more about Vitamin D - Click here



Is this too good to be true, an egg to help M.S. sufferers.

Click this link



Yippee...We have reached our £5,000 target that we set ourselves.

This week we handed over the cheque for £5,000 to Mr Chris Diggines, the chairman of the Worcester & District branch on behalf of the M.S society.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped, donated and supported us in raising this great amount.

With the money raised, half will go towards research and the other half towards local specialised nurses.

With your continued support we hope we can achive this fantastic amount again.


We`re in the local papers.The Standard, Advertiser & Birmingham evening mail.

Click on the pictures to read the story.


evening mail



New card for M.S. sufferers

People with multiple sclerosis often need help quickly and find it difficult or embarrassing to explain why.

A discreet new ‘assistance card’ from the MS Society explains that a person has MS,

reassures that it is not infectious and describes everyday situations where help could be given.

For more info and to order a card, click here



Oh No, my fifteen minutes of fame.

Jackie sent this photo of me at this years carnival to `Pick me up` magazine.

pick me up

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