All the money raised by JAYs goes to helping people who suffer with M.S.

Half we give to research and the rest towards helping local people with M.S.

Raising funds for multiple Sclerosis 

Supported by

Registered Charity 1139257/SC041990

Happy New Year.

We hope all your dreams and wishes come true for 2015


Jackie, Yvonne & myelf would like to wish everyone a

Merry Christmas

Thanks for all your support this year.

We hope you have a lovely holiday.


Click here for some Christmas fun, jokes, quizes, games...


Christmas Shopping

If you do shop online for your prezzies and not just at Christmas time, please use our on-line shop.

Just click on the easyfundraising logo on the right.


It will cost you nothing but JAYs will get a percentage of what you spend.

There are some great shops there, big, small and varied.

All you have to do is register, it will take only a couple of minutes and make such a difference to people with M.S.


What a great night we had with the quiz at the Crown at Catshill.

We raised lots of money with a generous crowd.

Thanks to everyone who came along.

More details in past events.


Quiz night


Wednesday 19th November. 7:30 start.

At the Crown at Catshill.

01527 878030

Teams of four £10.00

Raffle & nibbles.


Having a meeting on Monday with Chris and Dean about a quiz at the Crown at Catshill.



A big thank you to Atomic Blondie for a great gig, you guys rocked.

IUnfortunately it was not well attended and we made a loss on the night.


pictures of the night in past events.


raffleone way


The excitment is getting bigger and the hours are ticking away for our Blondie tribute this friday.

Book on-line

or call the box office 01527 577330

A great night of nostalgia and dance to some classic tracks.


The Bridge radio station has said it will advertise our Atomic blondie gig, brilliant.

They said they will have a Blondie program and an interview with Debs (lisa) from Atomic Blondie promoting our gig. How good is that?

So listen out to the Bridge on 102.5 tomorrow and the programme is repeated on the friday afternoon show.


click the logo and then click listen.


We've been busy advertising our Blondie gig this week, putting up posters and e-mailing papers etc.

Hope you all can make it.


Don't forget to buy your Atomic Blondie tickets for our fund raiser at the Artrix theatre.


Friday 26th September 2014

Tickets are £13

For tickets

More details and info of the band in future events


Had a lovely day at the Blue Cross fete.

Details in past events.

raffle mugs


Our Shop and Save store has now merged with a larger company called Easy fundraising.

I have kept the link in the same place, it's easy to use and raises funds for JAYs at no extra cost to you, so please do use it.

It has over 2,000 shops on-line, big high street shops as well, so you should be able find what you want.

Simple to use with a search for any shop you are looking for or they are listed alphbeticaly, or just search for an item.

They also have competitions to win big prizes.

click the link to find out more.


The sad news is M.S sufferers around the country do not all get access to the right treatments.

The M.S Society has launched a campaign to get this rectified. They have four points:

1. All licensed MS treatments available on the NHS to everyone eligible for them.

2. Regular reviews of treatment and care by MS specialists for everyone with MS

3. All people with relapsing remitting MS to see a specialist about their treatment, in light of new disease modifying drug DMD.

4. Accessible information about treatment options.

To support the campaign click on


Another JAYs photo we spotted this one on holiday in Bury St Edmunds.

Check out JAYs photos.



Thanks to everyone who put their change into our shaker at Cofton Nursery this summer.

We collected £28.08


Another photo in the JAYs photos of a business with the name JAYs


Had a great time at Bromsgrove Carnival. Made lots of money.

Details in past event including a couple of videos of the duck race.

We even made the local paper



WOW, it was a nice day for the Carnival.

Grab your sunhats and slap on the lotion and come and see us at the carnival.


A big thank you to Gazbags for donating the prize for the duck race.




Bromsgrove Carnival

Put a date in your diary for next Saturday 12th July. Bromsgrove Carnival in Sanders park.

We will be there with a tombola and the duck race at 3pm.

Carnival web-site - click here.




A lovely sunny day at the Court leet market.

details in past events.


Elizabethan Market

Come and see us tomorrow at the court leet market.

We will be outside Boots from 9am until 4pm and it looks like it will be a sunny day.


Guess the number to win a bottle of Jack Daniels, mcallen cufflinks,hipflask, JD key ring, shot glass & JD trinket.

£1 a go come and see me tomorrow.

Jackie & Yvonne will have the tombola running. hope to see you there.

Thanks Mark from SWEETZ for donating lollipops.




We raised £12.96 over our open weekend in our shakers.


Cake break went very well, details in past events.


Cake Break 2014


blue cross

Thanks to Dave from Bumblehole eggs for donating eggs for the bakers of this years cake break.


Just got back from Chelsea flower show putting together a display in the floral marquee.

We won a gold for the City of Birmingham.


Picked up the flyers today, looking good, what do you think?


Tickets are starting to be sold, great!

If you can download and print a poster to spread the word, that would be great. Click here to download.


Went to the publishers today to get some posters printed for the Atomic Blondie gig.

I need about 500 flyers for the Artrix so they say, they will put them in the foyer. Drum up more trade.

Ready by Wednesday.


An elastic plaster fitted with the lastest nanotechnolgy could change the lives of people suffering with M.S, Epilepsy & Parkinsons.

The hi-tech patch can read tremors and administer drugs to treat patients. It can also help with 'movement disorders'

say scientists from the US and South Korea.



In August, the MS society was delighted to be charity of the year at the great British beer festival.

A total of £12,500 was raised.


Back in October, we the public voted for the MS Society in the `Vote that counts` organised by the postcode lottery.

As a result the society came third and won £10,000.

Great news.


A recent study, funded by donation, has revealed 48 new genes that have a link to MS.

The study was carried out with the help of 38,000 people, 14,498 with MS.

When combining these results with a study in 2011, they have now identifed over 100 genes know to be associated with MS.


According to a report from the M.S society, members of the society provided 947 grants totaling over £770,000,

making a difference to lives today.

Also, we took over 37,000 actions in support of campaigns, helping influence goverment and protecting the rights of people living with M.S

Well done everyone.


We have booked a Blondie tribute act Atomic Blondie to play at the Artrix.

Friday 26th September 2014 tickets are £13


More details in future events.


We had a lovely e-mail from a lady called Chloe from Cary in North Carolina.

She is a researcher and writer for Consumer Heath labs. She is doing a project on alternative and complementary healing for multiple sclerosis.

She wanted permission to use to some of the resources she found on our site links page.

Please feel free to use any you wish Chloe.

I have tried to e-mail you back a couple of times but your works server say you are not registered there!!


I have deleted from our web-site the 'Ask' search engine from the top left of the screen.

It was slow moving, not many people using it and needing a lot of searches to make some money.

Also, it malfunctioned a couple of times, I had to request 3 times to have it repaired the last time and it was still not resolved .

They only paid out after £20 so we have lost just over £5. So another money earner for JAYs has gone.


Just to whet your appitite.

I have been organising a tribute band to play at the Artrix in September.

More details when it is finalised and the tickets are on sale.


Details of the malt night in past events


Don't they look tasty.

Malt whisky tasting

I have chosen malts from the Highland region with their full & fruity flavours.

I`ve not tried or heard of some of them. Should be interesting. The malts are:

Glenglassaugh Evolution

Oban 14 year old

Glencadam 15 year old

Tullardine Sovereign

Deaston virgin oak.


More details in future events.



We had a collection bucket on the Christmas grotto at work and raised £19.59

The shaker on the till counter raised £37.85 over a few months

Total £57.44



Wishing you all a Happy New Year for 2014

A big thank you for everyones support throughout 2013.

We hope your dreams and wishes will come true in 2014.



If you have any unwanted Christmas gifts that we could use on our tombola, they would be gratefully recieved.




The MS trust has publications to help the effects MS has on a family.

Helping to explain what MS does and so to a better understanding. They include:

Talking to your kids about MS

The young person's guide to MS

The kids guide to MS

There are also many other publications dealing with issues of MS

click the logo for the link.


Edingburgh University scientists have discovered that immune cells known as macrophages can release a compound called activin-A which activates production of more myelin - essential for myelin regeneration. This study was funded by the MS Society, the Wellcome Trust and the MS Society of Canada. The findings were published in Nature Neuroscience.



An interesting article about research into M.S in the Readers Digest.

To read it in a PDF file click on the links below.


Research 1

Research 2

a line blscoll

If you wish to look at some of our past musings & events, have a look in the Archive section.


· An estimated 2,500,000 people in the world have multiple sclerosis - including 100,000 in the UK - it is more common in countries further away from the equator

· MS is the most common potentially disabling disease of the central nervous system affecting young adults in the Western world

· Every week around 50 people in the UK are diagnosed with MS

· Diagnosis is usually between 20 and 40 years of age - rarely under 12 or over 55

· Three women have MS for every two men

· Prognosis is uncertain - ranging from benign through 'coming and going' to severely disabling

· Common symptoms include pain, deadening fatigue, problems with sight, mobility and co-ordination

· MS is not hereditary - but there is a slightly higher chance of getting it if a relative has it - and it is not contagious

· There is no cure for MS but there are now drugs which can modify its course for some people and many symptoms can be successfully treated or managed

· MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is giving neurologists better understanding of MS, helping diagnosis and research into treatments



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