All the money raised by JAYs goes to helping people who suffer with M.S.

Half we give to research and the rest towards helping local people with M.S.

Raising funds for multiple Sclerosis 

Supported by

Registered Charity 1139257/SC041990

Jackie, Yvonne and I would like to wish everyone a very

Happy new year for 2013

Thanks for all your support throughout the year.


If you have any unwanted presents that we we could use on our tombola, we will gladly take them off your hands.


Sorry to say Jackies car broke down this morning and they couldn`t make it to the nursery.

sorry to anyone who came along to see us.

still not fixed, so not there tomorrow.


Christmas tombola

Cofton Nursery, Lickey Road, Rednal, Birmingham B45 8UR

Saturday 22nd 9am ~ 4pm & Sunday 23rd 10am ~ 4pm



The nursery will have quality Poinsettias, Cycalmens, Christmas trees, door rings, planted bowls, bulbs, etc for sale.

Also christmas lights and displays to enjoy.

Plenty to see and gift ideas at reasonable prices.

Come and see our five gold RHS medals Cofton have won this year.


Click the door for some Christmas fun


It was a bit quite over the weekend but the girls still made some money for M.S

Thanks to Millie & Hannah for their help over the weekend.

We made £138

The winning name for the teddy was ~ Jasmine

Which was won by Sonia, well done.




News from the Worcester MS branch.

Coffee mornings, Olive grove Davids Nurseries, Martin Hussingtree ~ 10:30am

Jan 8th & 22nd, Feb 5th & 19th, March 5th & 19th

Lloyds Bar, The Crown, Broad st, Crown passage, Worcester ~ 9:30am

Dec 18th, Jan 15th & 24th, Feb 12th & 26th, March 12th & 26th

Carers get together.

The Robin Hood, Wychbold, WR9 0BS

A relaxed social evening for a chat and a meal tuesdays 7pm

Jan 8th, Feb 12th, March 12th

contact 01684 592901

Physio / Exercise group

The Green Centre, Dines Green, Worcs.

Mondays 10am 01905 681660

Evangelical Church hall, Pickersleigh rd, Malvern.

Thursday 10:30am 01684 612655

Windmill Centre, Rye Grass lane, Windmill Drive, Redditch.

Thursdays 01527 458730


Beoley Village hall, Redditch.

Mondays 11:30 ~ 12:30 with Su Bough 07789 269637

Upton Snodsbury.

Every Tuesday. Kerry 01905 381597


The Branch was contacted by Worcester Uni. They presented a proposal for a project in which people with MS for the county would be invited to participate in a twelve week exercise classes. At the end of the course the findings would be assessed and a decision made for a full 3 year study on exercise, heath and wellbeing for those with MS.

The cost to the attendees is free and as with the branches own exercise classes there will be time for a chat and a cuppa. Contact the branch if you are interested.


Spotted another JAYs photo! have a look.


irish malts

Some cracking Irish malts were had. Details in past event


If you are having trouble paying your heating bill, there is a helpline.

Home Heat Helpline

0800 33 66 99


Many thanks to the Bromsgrove Advertiser for advertising our malt whisky night.

But they got the day wrong, `dont panic`it is on the Saturday and not the Sunday.

Everything else is correct.

We cannot have you going to work with a hangover!


Malt whiskies

I have chosen five Irish malt whiskeys for the next tasting night.

Bromsgrove sporting Fc, Victoria ground, Rousler club, Birmingham rd, Bromsgrove.

Saturday 1st December 8 pm start.

The malts are

Greenore 8 year old

Tyrconnel single malt

Wild geese single malt

Powers 12 year old.

Redbreast 12 year old

Tickets are five doubles, nibbles and tasting notes £20

Five singles, nibbles and tasting notes £12

Please book A.S.A.P as there are limited places.



I saw this taxi in Bromsgrove that caters for disabled / wheelchair users.

It only runs at the moment in the daytime

Jon Jons taxis

07951 232 470

07597 662 672

I have put it in the links page.



The M.S society has been selected by Waitrose to benifit from a new on-line initiative.

From the beginning of September to the end of November, you can vote for the M.S society to be one of the three beneficiaries of £25,000.

The more votes we get, the bigger the share of the donation.


Cake Break

The M.S society has annouced that over £300,000 was raised through the cake break, wow thats a lot of `calories`.... well done to everyone who took part.


When we dismantaled the canal/barge display that was part of Birmingham city chelsea display, we had a few coins thrown into the canal.

I said i would donate the money to our charity. £1.34 was collected.


More stamps sent to raise funds for M.S

Save any stamps you have and send them to the M.S Society.


We had a great weekend at the Stoke Prior Steam rally. The weekend went very quickly.

We was hoping to use all the tombola prizes from the Bromsgrove carnival that we didn`t use because we had cancelled that event. The man in charge said he would like JAYs to do the whole weekend, so Jackie got busy to do a extra days worth of prizes.

Unfortunately we only used one days worth of prizes over the whole weekend.

details in past event.


Bad news, we was too late for a pitch at the Blue cross. All the pitches were taken.

We also asked at the Belbroughton Scarecrow weekend but they also had their quota.

Lazy weekend coming up!!


A big thank you to Adam for buying from our Spend & Raise shop

He has raised 72p for JAYs.


We have a new picture in the JAYs photos section. Noticed whilst on holiday in Morcambe.


Sorry that i`ve neglected you all lately, we`ve been very busy at work, which was tiring (I`m getting old you know!)

Also Jackie and I had a lovely couple of weeks holiday, touring/drifting around England. We feel refreshed and glad of the change of scenery but nice to be back.


We decided not to do the Carnival because of the weather.

It was not worth risking losing the prizes to the rain.

We will save the tombola for another day.


We had a nice parcel off the M.S Society today with goodies for our tombola. Great.


The weather held and we had a great day at the Elizabethan Market in Bromsgrove high st.

Details in past events.


Birmingham city council won gold and `Best in Show` at the NEC for the display.

But the best news is we raised a fantastic £689.50 in the buckets.

A big thank you to everyone who donated.

That makes a grand total of £925.05 at the two RHS shows.

Thanks to Alex Denman, the RHS show manager who kindly allowed us to have the buckets at Chelsea and the NEC.


Ollie with his prizes from the Alphabet quiz.

He very pleased with his prizes.


Jackie & Yvonne had a tombola at the flower sale at Cofton nursery last weekend.

Awful weather and maybe people watching their pennies meant it was a quiet weekend.

They made £127.77


Well done to the winners of the alphabet quiz.

For the answers and winners click here

Bromsgrove Standard editor Tristan picking the winning ticket.


Jackies cakes, oh the smell when i came home, but i couldn`t touch a cake!!

More details in past events.


A big thank to Louise from Fargro for donating some lovely plant pots for our tombola.


The bucket at the Chelsea flower show collected £235.55

A big thank you to everyone who donated.

Next stop the RHS show at the NEC, Birmingham.


Andy Jarret, the Midlands fundraise support officer, has devised a quiz with our Chelsea flower show Mini.

Guess the number of plants that make up the Mini.

Visit guest to win.

The more entries the more to be won and to help the Society.


Sads news.

There is always someone who will spoil things if they can. So now, hundreds of M.S suffers will loose out because of an irresponsable person.This is a section of a e-mail from the M.S.Society.

Unfortunately I have some disappointing news. You will have found in your Cake Break host pack a money-off voucher for your next purchase of Wright's bread or cake mix which was a gift from Wright's to thank you for taking part in Cake Break. Earlier this week, without permission, the template of this voucher was uploaded onto numerous money saving websites. This resulted in exceptionally high demand on stock from many people who had no intention to take part in Cake Break. As a result Wright's has had to withdraw the voucher and it will not be accepted in supermarkets.


JAYS and RHS flowers shows.

Great news this week.

I have spoken to Alex Denman, who is the manager of the RHS chelsea flower show and she has kindly agreed to allow us to have a discreet collection bucket at the show.

They have had to tighten the rules latley about charities at the show but was willing to let JAYs have a bucket, as long as we did not sell any merchadise or push the `shakers`.

Also Mike, the manager who is organising Birminghams displays at the shows has had a word with the RHS manager at the NEC and he has agreed to do the same as Chelsea show.

Thanks RHS.


Article in todays paper. Things are looking good.

Watch this clip from BBC breakfast, click here


The Society `MS Life` is on again 14th & 15th April in Manchester.

There will be research talks, over 40 workshops covering everything from symptom management to benifits, an exhibition space, a lifestyle village and fringe events.

Full list here

Book you place here

There is also a grant upto £150 available if you wish to attend.

Closing date for application is 30th March.

call grant teams 020 8438 0700


An article in the Mirror on Saturday, states that thousands of terminally ill and disabled people will have to be accessed to to see if they can go back to work.

Not very good or nice, I dont think these minsters have a clue to some disabilities/illnesses.

Nick Rijke from the M.S. Society has responded to the article.

See what he has to say click here


The M.S Society has announced funding for 13 new research projects, totaling over £1.6 million of investment.

Studies include:

~ A clinical trail of a drug called Amiloride, a potential treatment to protect nerve fibres.

~ A study that aims to identify potential therapies to stimulate Mylin repair.

~ A project to explore which emotional and social skills are affected by changes to the brain caused by M.S.

More info at the M.S Societys web-site.


Dont forget you can apply for fuel grants in certain circumstances from the goverment,

so dont go cold this winter. Find out more.

Click here


We had a nice E-mail today off a Tania Morrison, a high school English teacher from Green Mountain School, Vermont, U.S.A.


My name is Tania and I am a High School English teacher. Currently, my students are writing research papers on various health conditions. Some of them have chosen to write their papers on multiple sclerosis. In their research, they came across your page ( ) and found it to be very helpful. Thank you for maintaining a great resource!

In their research, they also found this informative, well-organized article on multiple sclerosis ( ) and they would like to suggest it to you to add to your page as an additional resource because they feel it would be helpful and of interest to the visitors of your page. Also, if you do find the article to be useful and decide to add it, they will be awarded extra credit for researching and finding a good resource on the Internet (a little extra credit opportunity I give them).

It would be very encouraging for them to see their suggestion being used on your page because they have been putting a lot of time and effort into this research project.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear back from you soon so I can give my students a verdict : )

Kindest Regards, Tania Morrison


It`s nice to know we are being of help in more ways than one.

I like the Schools ethos as well. Check them out click here:

I have added thier suggestion to the links page.


Burns night malt whisky tasting.

Another great night of sampling malts, the favourite was the Talisker.

More details in past events.


Ainsley Harriot is this years face of `Cake Break`


Article in todays paper




· An estimated 2,500,000 people in the world have multiple sclerosis - including 100,000 in the UK - it is more common in countries further away from the equator

· MS is the most common potentially disabling disease of the central nervous system affecting young adults in the Western world

· Every week around 50 people in the UK are diagnosed with MS

· Diagnosis is usually between 20 and 40 years of age - rarely under 12 or over 55

· Three women have MS for every two men

· Prognosis is uncertain - ranging from benign through 'coming and going' to severely disabling

· Common symptoms include pain, deadening fatigue, problems with sight, mobility and co-ordination

· MS is not hereditary - but there is a slightly higher chance of getting it if a relative has it - and it is not contagious

· There is no cure for MS but there are now drugs which can modify its course for some people and many symptoms can be successfully treated or managed

· MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is giving neurologists better understanding of MS, helping diagnosis and research into treatments


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