All the money raised by JAYs goes to helping people who suffer with M.S.

Half we give to research and the rest towards helping local people with M.S.


Raising funds for multiple Sclerosis 

Supported by

Registered Charity 1139257/SC041990

Archive 2011


The MS Society has released a new exercise DVD for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) presented by former Olympic champion Sally Gunnell OBE.

The exercise programme contains a range of simple, gentle exercises and stretches that can help people with varying levels of disability strengthen their muscles and feel fitter. A warm up is followed by a range of exercises – including squats, pelvic tilts, lunges and shoulder rotations – all demonstrated by Sally and people living with MS. For most of the exercises, there is an alternative option for people who have difficulties with mobility or balance or who are exercising in a seated position.

And it`s free.



We have had a bit of trouble with our Yahoo search engine of late.
Turns out they have been taken over by another administrator. I have updated the settings so that they work on the main page. I will update the rest when I get the time.

So please use our Yahoo search engine as much as you can because it generates money for JAYs. You cannot just do random searches, you have to click on a result for JAYs to benefit.

We get about 5p a click, it does` nt sound a lot but think how many searches you do a week, it soon adds up.



For those people who have problems getting about, Worcestershire transport partnership has a booklet giving details of various schemes throughout the county.

Most of the schemes rely on volunteers to deliver the service and there could be one for you.

For instance there is the Upton shuttle, Teme hopper-Tenbury wells, Suckley community cars, Redditch dial-a-ride, Worcester wheels, Evesham community cars and lots more.

To get the booklet or further information, contact:

Community transport partnership project officer, C/O Worcester volunteer centre,

33 The Tything, Worcester, WR1 1JL

Tel: 01905 24741




Event Mobile Tyres

The MS Society was delighted when Event Mobile Tyres selected them as their next Charity of the Year in April 2011.

The company are giving customers the choice to donate £1 per order placed online and they are generously matching every donation. They have already raised £1,018 during the first three months of the partnership against a target of £5,000.

Event Mobile Tyres provide a complete, convenient tyre replacement solution, by replacing tyres at the customer’s home or office.

Event Tyres


MS-ESSENTIALS 16 support and planning ahead - for people severely affected by MS.

( third edition july 2011 ) was formally called support for people severely affected by MS.

It includes information about the role of `holistic` palliative care for managing MS at different times.

Editions can be had by calling 01905 381597 oe 01905 773722


xmas flags

Jackie has finished making the Christmas flags to decorate our table at the Xmas fete.

While we are talking about Christmas, if you have anything for our Christmas tombola we would be very grateful to recieve any donations.

Drop us an E-mail


Just had another cheque from Buy@ for £21.87

Total so far £48.94

Thanks to everyone who used Buy@ to raise funds for JAYs.

We had a letter from Buy@ today saying that they are changing their web-site to `Spend and Raise`

Here are some of the retailers that will be on the site who give a percentage of the money you spend to JAYs, for no extra cost to you.

speand and raise


Jackie has finished the flags for us to use at events or to hang around the gazebo, they look great don`t they.


flagsxmas flags

Jackie has been making some new flags to brighten up our gazebo.

I found a discarded gazebo and Jackie has been making the flags out of the material, she used odd bits to decorate the flags, they are looking good.



Jackie spotted another JAYs photo in Shrewsbury.


Keep a lookout for pictures of places/names with JAYs in them and send them to

We are on the local MP`s website

Sajid Javid



Collected £12.36 from Cofton shaker today.

Thanks everyone who put in.


We had a E-mail from the M.S Society stating that from 2012 the goverment will be funding local specialised nurses, which is great news. The Society now has enough funds to to cover up to that time.

As you know, half of what we raise, we donate to the nurses. So we was asked how we would now like the money to be donated.

We handed over £10,000 to the M.S Society with £5,000 going to research and as we still wanted to help the local community we decided to donate £3,000 to the Worcester branch of the society. They help people who cannot afford to adapt their homes, need new batteries for their wheelchairs, buy scooters for examples and also this year they are sponsoring respite care for sufferers and their helpers, giving them a short break.

Mike Clarke, the Worcester branch chairman, was telling me about the Myelin repair research, it sounded very interesting so we are donating £2,000 to the Myelin repair centre which has now started on the second phase of research.

Thanks to everyones support.



Collected £15.21 from the shaker at Cofton Nursery.

Thanks to everyone who donated their spare cash.


The `Old Fartz` put on a great show.

Thanks to the lads and everyone who came along.

Details in past events.


What a great time at the beer festival and what a fantastic amount raised.

Details in past events.

beer festival

The Bromsgrove beer festival

A big thank you to all the brewery & pubs that donated a prize for our tombola/raffle.

The Golden Cross - A gallon of beer

Wishing well - Three pints of ale

The Red Lion - Meal for two with a drink

The Grapevine - Meal for two with a drink

Highgate brewery - Beers

CAMRA - Good beer guide & books

Purity - Case of Gold

Jacobi of Cario - Gift set

Shepards Neame - Spitfire ales

Barnsgate brewery - T-shirt

Oakham brewery - Couple of T-shirts

The Dodford Inn - Meal for two and bottle of wine

Hobson brewery - Gift packs

Glebe farm - Ales

The Greyhound - Sunday roast for two & drink vouchers

Preseli brewery - Gift packs

Fynes brewery - T-shirts

Birds brewery - gift sets

Cairngorm brewery - T-shirts & bottle openers

Kinver Brewery - T-shirt

Canon Royal Brewery - Shirts & T-Shirts

Wye Valley brewery - Gift packs

Olivers Cider & Perry - Gift pack

Crossmans Prime farmhouse - 2.5ltr Dry, Medium & Sweet cider

Wolf Brewery - T shirt


I`ve been helping out at the Bromsgrove beer festival today, getting ready for Thursday. The stilledges are in place and most of the beers have been delivered today.

(Thanks to breweries that have so far sent donations with their beer.)

We`ve put them onto the stilledges to settle and put the the cooling systems on to keep them at the correct temp.

beer festival beer festival


We had a great day at the Court Leets Elizabethan market in Bromsgroves high street.

elisabethan market

More info in past events


Fun in the park with the Bromsgrove carnival.


More info in past events.



Rory Bremner accepted a cheque on behalf of the M.S Society for £10,000 that JAYs have raised.
We would like to thank Rory for his time and we must say what a charming man he is.

This takes our grand total to £25,000 for the M.S Society.

We would also like to thank everyone who has donated or supported any of our events for your generosity.


Had a great time at the Barnt Green Gala, only the downpour to spoil the afternoon. typical English summer!


More details in past events.



We had three shakers out on the tills over the Cofton open weekend and they raised


Thanks to everyone who donated.


Cake Break 2011

Well the cakes today were well and truly scoffed.

cake break

Thanks to Pauline and Kevin for their contribution to the cake break.

More pics in past events.


I had a couple of lovely weeks in London helping to build a display for Birmingham parks Chelsea display.


Glad to be back but now for a busy next month with tombolas!


Went to collect the shaker tin from the Wine Cabin last Thursday and was informed that it had gone missing. The manager in the shop made some inquiries for us and apparentley a woman went into the shop with false ID and stole the shaker.

We have informed the police and they will make some inquires.

It`s a sad world we live in.



Anything we can use on a tombola. Only new stuff or in very good condition. Sorry to be particular but we want to attract the punters.

If you help us and our cause please drop us a line E-mail

We have four tombolas we are doing at the moment, so we need more items.


Great news

JAYs have been chosen as the charity at this years CAMRA`s beer festival. We had a great time the last time we did it and are looking forward to this year.

Bromsgrove rugby club,

Finstall Park, Finstall, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 3DH

30th June, 1st & 2nd July

beer festival

More details in events. Hope to see you there.


The M.S Society is running it`s cake break fundraiser again this year.

A yummy way to raise funds for M.S on Friday 20th May.

cake break

Click on the picture to register with the Society and get your info pack.

It`s easy to do, just bake a few cakes and invite a some friends round or take them to work to sell.


We have applied today to be the Bromsgrove beer festival charity.

We had a great time at the last festival, made some new friends and made some money for M.S, so fingers crossed we will be chosen again.



Collected £21.83 from the shaker at Cofton Nursery.

Thanks to everyone who put in.



Scientists at the university of Cambridge found a way of reversing damage to myelin using stem cells. This work was funded be the MS Society.

They have now commited £2 million over five years to fund the second stage.

The first stage found a drug that could potentially repair myelin, in stage two they`ll :

~ test this treatment

~ trial it for safety

~ Build on recent advances in myelin repair research.

Work starts in April and will finish in 2016.

The M.S. Society has raised over £28 million in 2010. Of every £1 spent, they spend 84p directly on beating M.S.


The M.S Society has now become a charitable company on 1st February 2011. They have a limited company number and a new registered charity number.

The legally registered name is now Multiple Sclerrosis Society, no longer called The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. They will still use MS Society, and national versions will remain in use ( such as MS Society Scotland )

The society took the opportunity to make things simpler and thought it did not reflect how they operate in all four nations.

Being a limited company and a charitable company meant they had to become a new entity and also have new charity numbers.


Great, I`ve sold another two sets of Beer pump clips on E-bay, so a bit more money for our cause.


Jackie likes to do a bit of knitting, she has knitted different squares, sewed them together to make a couple of cushions.

She sent the idea off to Take a Break magazine and they published a photo of the cushions.


A lady called Sonya saw this article and wrote to Jackie a letter last week asking if she would do a few squares as she is having a charity knit for the local hospital. The hospital looked after her grandson when he had Spinal Muscular Althrophy.

knitted squares

The squares Jackie knitted and sent off to Sonia.


I`ve put a new game in the games section.

Test your geography.


Great, we`ve sold five sets of beer pump clips and a resin drum major on E-bay.

We made £22.81


Another button installed `What is MS?`

We had a Guestbook message left by Darren, who said he had a friend with MS and he had learnt a bit more about the disease after looking on here.

I thought I would put a brief explantation of what Multiple Sclerosis is on here and a link to the societys web-pages for anyone else wanting a bit more information.


A nice lady was talking to Jackie & Yvonne at the Christmas tombola saying that she was moving house soon. They asked for anything that she didn`t want to take to her new house for our tombola or a boot sale.

I have been today to collect various items and back on Monday for a few more, so a big thank you to Lynn and Richard for their kind donations.


You may have noticed that I`ve added two new buttons to the list on the left.

To try and make the front page less messy I have now added a archive button to put all the old stuff and I`ll try and keep this more interesting.

Also a JAYs photo button, if you see JAYs anywhere, take a pic and sent it to me and I`ll put it on that page giving you the credit, just for a bit of fun.


A new website that may be of intrest to you. I will put it in the links as well.

Anyone interested in the world of CCSVI ( Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency) from Surgeons, Doctors, Consultants to patients with MS, ME Chronic Fatigue etc; are all welcome

click here to the link



Collected the shaker before it closed for a refurb, thanks to everyone who put in.



Burns night Malt tasting

A great night with almost a full house. details in past events.



· An estimated 2,500,000 people in the world have multiple sclerosis - including 100,000 in the UK - it is more common in countries further away from the equator

· MS is the most common potentially disabling disease of the central nervous system affecting young adults in the Western world

· Every week around 50 people in the UK are diagnosed with MS

· Diagnosis is usually between 20 and 40 years of age - rarely under 12 or over 55

· Three women have MS for every two men

· Prognosis is uncertain - ranging from benign through 'coming and going' to severely disabling

· Common symptoms include pain, deadening fatigue, problems with sight, mobility and co-ordination

· MS is not hereditary - but there is a slightly higher chance of getting it if a relative has it - and it is not contagious

· There is no cure for MS but there are now drugs which can modify its course for some people and many symptoms can be successfully treated or managed

· MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is giving neurologists better understanding of MS, helping diagnosis and research into treatments


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